Hospitality and Welcoming Group

Intentional welcome is an essential element of this ministry.

A parish where members and newcomers alike feel welcomed and at home is one which empowers its members to become involved, to come forward and offer their talents for the good of the community. This culture of being open to others in the community helps newcomers and regulars alike, to experience a sense of belonging.

Although our priests provide leadership and animation to create a culture of hospitality in the parish, welcoming new parishioners is the task of the whole community. Even with a dedicated team of greeters and a hospitality group, each of us has the task of ensuring our community is a welcoming one.

Greeting people as they arrive at Mass and assisting with the welcoming of newcomers through hospitality is a very real way of demonstrating the work of the Spirit in our lives.

If you would like to commit your time be a part of the hospitality and welcome groups at any of our churches, please speak to one of the greeters at Mass or contact Trish

– ph 5564 5838 or email