Pastoral Care of the Sick

Pastoral care of the sick

Praying with those who are sick and those who are dying is one of the most crucial ministries of our parish given the twenty two nursing homes and three large hospitals in the area.

 Communion for the Sick

Bringing Holy Communion to the sick person links them with the community of the Church and nourishes them with the body of Christ.  A parish minister or a member of the family may be designated by the priest for this ministry of pastoral care.

 Praying with the sick

Visiting a sick person is not just an occasion to offer support and encouragement, but also an opportunity to pray with the sick.

 Anointing of the Sick

In the sacrament of anointing, the Church continues the healing ministry of Christ.  It is celebrated for those who are sick.  The Church cannot anoint someone who has died and it is not a last rite of commendation for the dying.

Those who are seriously sick should request this sacrament from a priest (trivial ailments make light of the Church’s ministry).  Someone may be anointed before surgery, elderly people may be anointed, and the sacrament may be repeated if the illness becomes more serious.  When a person begins to be in danger of death, they should already have been anointed.

As a sacrament, anointing gives the sick person God’s grace to cope with suffering and brings to bear the ministry of the whole Church in love and care.  By the grace of the Holy Spirit, the whole person is helped and saved, sustained by trust in God and strengthened.  Thus the sick person is able not only to bear suffering bravely but also to fight against it.  The sacrament forgives sin and, in the context of saving and raising up the sick person, physical health may also be restored.

If you would like to share in Christ’s loving ministry to His people as you visit with and/or offer the Eucharist please contact the parish office on 07-55102222