The RCIA is for the whole Church.  It is the way in which the church revitalises itself in faith with new members, sharing life together and trying to proclaim the Good News of Jesus with people everywhere.   Hence all people are welcome to journey in the RCIA, but more specifically it is the process which enables people who either have no faith tradition or who are part of a different tradition to become a part of the Catholic Christian Community.  Journeying through the RCIA also brings about renewal and growth of faith for the Catholic person, so those seeking this renewal as Catholics are most welcome.

The Parish Community is the ‘primary minister’ of the RCIA.  People come to a particular community to be part of that community.  This ministry not only includes welcoming these new people but also witnessing to them what it is that makes us a distinctive Christian community.

The tasks of the RCIA Core Team are:

  • To provide a welcoming atmosphere for the RCIA, especially through the initial contact phase;
  • To enable and guide the Candidates in sharing the life of the parish Community, and to invite the Parish Community to walk the RCIA journey;
  • To discern whether the RCIA process is addressing the needs of the Candidates and the Community;
  • To help the Candidates discern their journey through the various stages;
  • To provide formation for the Parish Community, the Catechists and Sponsors.
  • The process usually begins around August/September and concludes with the Parish celebration at the Easter Vigil.

The aim of the Catechist is to help the Candidates grow in a faith that is lived and celebrated.  So, the Catechist must be a person who, having reflected on their own faith, is able to express that faith to others.

The Sponsor will be invited to journey with a Candidate through the RCIA.  Their ministry is specifically as a ‘companion’ to the Candidate, sharing the journey.

The Prayer Support Group consists of parishioners who commit themselves to pray for the RCIA Team and the Candidates, and who will contact the Candidates as a means of support and encouragement.

If you are interested in helping in any way, please contact the Parish Office – 5510 2222.