Religious Education in State Schools

Our Parish has been involved in Religious Education in State Schools for many years.

There are seven State primary Schools in the Southport Catholic Parish.

 Religious Education in Queensland State Schools is guaranteed by the Education Act and State Policies.

In recent years, a cooperative organisation across the whole range of denominations has developed for Religious Education.  “Cooperative programs are those where a number of religious societies or denominations serving a particular school agree to teach a common program of religious education”.

 All teachers in a cooperative program must be accredited by a minister of religion with right of entry to the school.  As parish priest, Father Peter Dillon, has the responsibility of ensuring any person from our parish follows the agreed course.

Each week religious education teachers, all volunteers, visit nearly 40 State primary schools in the Gold Coast North area.  At present only two parishioners from Southport Catholic parish are involved in this life-giving ministry.

No previous teaching experience is required.  The important criteria are a love of children and willingness to share our Christian life.  Regular in-service sessions are held to assist volunteers with their classes.  Christian education resources and lesson outlines are provided.

Recall Jesus’ words to His disciples: “go teach and remember I am with you always”. 

Teaching young children offers all volunteers plenty of challenges and surprises.

Please consider joining this cooperative religious education program and teach one half hour lesson each week; you’ll be amazed how you’ll enjoy this time with the children!

Contact:               Sister Helen

Phone:                 5510 2296 or