Sacramental Teams

Sacramental celebrations in Southport Parish are within a Parish context.  Preparation for First Eucharist and Confirmation takes place mainly in families. Special sessions for parents and children are organized by the Sacramental Team.  

Parents and volunteers play a vital role in assisting children prepare for the next stage of their faith journey.   The emphasis in our parish is on being a welcoming community.  We are called to be a community of believers empowered by the Spirit at Baptism.  All the baptized have the right and responsibility to be involved in ministry. Baptism is our call to accept ministry in the Church.

Sacramental Teams

Baptism Team members prepare parents during sessions in the parish office two evening each month.  Other team members welcome parents and families before Baptism celebrations every Sunday at 10am in the Mary Immaculate Church.

Team members contact the families of newly Baptised children to encourage them to stay connected with the parish community and to invite them to special occasions.

Parish preparations for First Eucharist and Confirmation will begin early next year. Volunteers will be invited to join the First Eucharist and Confirmation (FEC) Team in January. They will assist parents with forms in our three churches in February and help with special parish classes for children during second term 2011.

Other members of the FEC team will facilitate home meetings for families with children preparing for the Sacraments in June. 

Please reflect on your call to ministry and how you could contribute to one of our parish sacramental teams. You are invited to contact me about joining a sacramental team.

Sister Helen White rsm

Phone: 5510 2296