Parish Pledges

Stewardship in our Parish urges Parishioners to share their God given gifts and talents:

  • Time – The gift of life itself
  • Talent – Our God given abilities
  • Treasure – Our material possessions.

Part of our treasure is of a financial nature.  Our financial contribution ensures that the communities of Guardian Angels, St Joseph the Worker and Mary Immaculate will be here for us offering pastoral care and spiritual inspiration in our life.

Money from the first collection goes to an Archdiocesan levy to assist struggling Parishes and Ministries, including relief priests and car expenses; While the second collection contributes to Parish operations – consisting of Liturgical Expenses, Pastoral Initiatives, Wages & Salaries; and Building Expenses – Maintenance of Parish property, Insurance, Rates, Office Expenses, Electricity and Cleaning.

Ways to contribute financially through envelopes (My Parish Pledge) include:

            Cash Option (place in envelope)

            Direct Debit Option (a form will be forwarded to you)

            Credit Card Option (complete a form)

“My Parish Pledge” forms are available at each of the churches. On the form nominate a frequency: (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) and an amount. 

Everyone’s pledge is valued – Everyone’s commitment is vital!”