Part 7


When will these new changes take place?

The Choir are learning one of the new Mass settings and we will be singing it throughout the parish from Easter Sunday. The words of the Mass parts that have changed will be printed on the back of the Newsletter.

The people„s responses will be said as from Pentecost Sunday, and these will be printed for you on a sheet.

The Priest„s part cannot be used until the new Sacramentary is printed; this is expected to be for the 1st Sunday of Advent.

What are the main changes for the people?

The changes in the Penitential Rite were mentioned last week.

The Gloria has some minor changes.

The Creed – the most notable change in the Nicene Creed is a shift from the use of the first person plural ‗we„ to the singular ‗I„. There are also a number of changes throughout the text. The rubrics of the new Missal encourage wider use of the Apostles„ Creed, especially during the seasons of Lent and Easter.

The Holy, Holy, Holy has only one minor change.

The Eucharistic Acclamations – the present English Missal offers 4 choices; in the new Missal there will be 3. ‗Christ has died„ is not there but the Australian Bishops have applied for permission to retain it because it is perhaps the most popular – no word has been received as yet. The 3 new Acclamations seem to be mixtures of the ones we use at present.

Most of the changes in the Liturgy of Eucharist apply to the Priest.

Of course it may be confusing for a while, but we are used to changes! It was a much bigger change from Latin to the vernacular, and we managed that successfully! The Choir were the first to cope, and they have done it very well – we are not even tempted to sing the ‗old words„ now.

In our parish as we introduce the changes every help will be provided for you. The introduction of the new Missal does not mean that the entire repertoire of existing liturgical music will become redundant. It is only the musical settings of the Mass parts, not the hymns sung in the liturgy, that will change, so you will still be able to join in fully, and with a loud voice, each Sunday.