Religious Education

It is our firm belief as a Catholic Community that no one should be deprived of the opportunity for quality education in the Christian faith. We recognize this as a most important ministry in our State School system, to provide students with the chance to engage with the values, beliefs and stories of Jesus Christ.

This is why we have Catechists: members of our parish who go each week into our six State Primary Schools and take Christian Education Classes suitable for all children no matter what Christian Church, if any, they belong to.

Catechists follow a set program, “Religion in Life” with Teachers’ Notes and Children’s Worksheets. Predominantly the classes only go for half an hour. While this is regrettably a short time, it is for most students the only Christian formation they receive. We know for certain that while this religious instruction is a brief contact each week, it is a valued, positive and enjoyable experience for all children involved. More often than not, it is also an opportunity for their parents to deepen in their faith through conversations with their children.

Our Parish Religious Education Office also keeps a valuable resource library of relevant books, videos, tapes, pictures etc both for classroom use and teacher enrichment.