Sacramental Preparations 2012

For all Catholic Parents

The Southport Catholic parish offers special Sacramental Preparation for all catholic children in every school in our local area.  This year families started preparation for Confirmation and First Eucharist sessions in March and children celebrated those two Sacraments in June 2011.  Preparation for Reconciliation began in October this year.  Parents wishing to enroll their children for Confirmation and First Eucharist next year are encouraged to contact Sister Helen at the parish office.  Prior to enrolment, the readiness of each child should be determined.  Parents will take the initiative in deciding the readiness of their children who are about ten years old.

Families wishing to participate in our Sacramental Preparation in 2012 are invited to complete enrolment forms available in our three churches from late January and contact Sister Helen before the end of February.

Parish Office: 5510 2222