Altar Server


Altar Servers are needed for St Joseph the Worker Church (Labrador)  Children who received their First Holy Communion last year, have now received  the Sacraments of Christian initiation.  One way to continue to build on  this  faith  is to  participate  at  Mass  as  Altar Servicers.  Should you desire to become an altar server, you will be most welcome and once details are established, we can soon commence your training.  If you are interested in being part of this ministry, please contact Maria Blancia on 5510 2222 or by email


Altar Server Training

Last year, (21st of July), 10 children (Aisja, Francis, Emman, Ethan, Heloise, Isabella, Josh, Jude, Miguel  and Ricardo) who made their First Holy Communion in June came to the altar server training.  I thank children and their parents for responding so generously to the invitation that was published in the bulletin a few weeks ago.

Children enthusiastically went through the training session and  now you might see them in our three churches as they make their first appearances at the altar.

I thank the parents for bringing these girls and boys to the Saturday practice. These young altar servers are a sign of faith and hope that is much needed to heal the wounds of the past related to the children’s ministry.

I want to assure parents that these children participating in the altar ministry in our parish are safe well protected by the policies that have been introduced recently in our Archdiocese.

The  three  fundamental  elements  of the policy are the  3P(s); SAFE PEOPLE, SAFE PRACTICES, and SAFE PLACES.  I strongly believe that in our parish these 3P’s are being practised by all parishioners because “safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility”.

Fr Jan