Baptism Registration

Baptism Information

Baptism preparation to be completed are held every 2nd Tuesday of the Month at Mary Immaculate Meeting Room – 10:30am.


Baptisms are held at 11am on Saturday at Mary Immaculate Church only (31 Edmund Rice Drive, Ashmore QLD 4215)


Please Note:

  • While these are our regular times, there may be occasions during the year when one of these dates is not available because of a Parish function or the absence of a Priest.
  • We do not cater for private baptisms at other times.
  • There are usually a maximum of 5 baptisms booked for any one time slot.


Other Requirements:


  • A full Birth Certificate of the child must be shown.



  • One of the parents MUST be a Baptised Catholic.
  • Proof of baptism (certificate) is required.
  • Both parents need to agree to the baptism taking place and both will be required to sign a consent form to this effect.



  • One of the Godparents must be a baptised Catholic. Proof of catholic Baptism or Confirmation is required.
  • Please note that no more than four Godparents can be registered in the records for each child. More than four may take part in the ceremony but will not be recorded on the Certificate or in the Parish Register.
  • It is most important to have details of the Godparents with you when you come to the book.



  • Please phone before you come to make a booking to ensure that the office is attended at that time (5510 2222).
  • Bookings can only be made in person at the Parish Office at 31 Edmund Rice Drive, Ashmore QLD 4215 in office hours (8:30am to 3pm).
  • There is an administration fee of $100 for one child with an extra $20.00 for each additional sibling. This fee is payable at the time of booking.
  • It is wise to make bookings well in advances as the dates become booked out very quickly.


For any further information, please do not hesitate to phone – 5510 2222.