Bequest in favour of the Parish

As Catholics, our parish is our extended family within the greater family of the whole Church. We express our love for those around us by our worship and our shared journey in a life of faith.

Like the members of our close family, our Parish is assisted in meeting its goals by the financial assistance you can provide by including a gift in your will.


Some frequently asked questions:


Does a bequest to the Church complicate my estate?

No, precedent clauses are set out below for easy inclusion in your will. This is a simple gift to the Church of a set amount or a share of the residue of your Estate and no more complicated than the provisions you are already making for your immediate family or friends. The value of your Estate and the type of assets determines whether your Executors must apply for Probate, the gifts you have made are not relevant to that decision.


Does it add to the cost of my will?

The clauses have been provided to make it as simple as possible. If you are quoted additional costs please contact the Parish office for a referral to a solicitor who will not charge extra.


Does it add to the cost of administering my estate?

No, the costs charged by a solicitor for obtaining Probate are set by the Court and determined by the value of the Estate the number of type of gifts are not relevant. If you nominate the Public Trustee as your executor the cost for administration is also determined by the value of the estate and not the gifts to be given.


What should I give? 

You may give a dollar amount or a specific gift such as shares. Care should be taken in giving a specific asset as it may not be suitable or useful for the purposes of the Parish. Also if you are too specific the asset may no longer be in existence at the time of your death so nominating an amount is better than gifting the remaining balance in a certain bank account.

Alternatively, you may give all or some of your residuary estate, that is the portion of your estate left over after you have made your specific bequests.


What about the needs of my family?

As a benchmark, an amount equivalent to 1% of the nett value of your Estate would not be significant compared to the total available for distribution but would be a significant sum for the purposes of the Parish. For a couple with mirror wills the gift would not be given till the death of the survivor, so your spouse/partner would still have the full benefit of your Estate unless you agreed to make separate gifts.


How to include the Parish in your will.

Bequest clause


“I give  _________________________ (amount/percentage/assets/item) to the Corporation of the Trustees of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane ABN 25 328 758 007 for the use and benefit of the general charitable, religious and educational purposes of the Catholic Parish of Southport situated at 31 Edmund Rice Drive, Ashmore Queensland.  However, if this Parish ceases to exist in its current form, then to the new parish or parishes erected in its stead which may include the Parish named in this clause (if more than one then equally as tenants in common).  I direct that the receipt of the Financial Administrator for the time being of The Corporation of the Trustees of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane ABN 25 328 758 007 shall constitute a sufficient discharge to my trustee.”


If you have more questions please call the Parish Office (5510 2222) and they will direct you to appropriate advice.