SC Registration 2019


 The NEXT Enrolment for the Sacrament of Confirmation will be in 2020.


Thank You – Sacrament of Confirmation 

On Wednesday, 4th of September 2019, 50 children of our Parish celebrated with Bp Ken Howell the Sacrament of Confirmation.   I thank the parents for  preparing  the  children for this significant step in their faith journey.  Having worked with them since the beginning of July, the  parents  have  done a  great  job  and  I  thank  them for  their  dedication  in  preparing  the  children  for  our Wednesday celebration.   I have no doubt that these girls and boys  will  grow  in  faith being enriched with the  gifts of  the  Holy  Spirits  and  lead  a  fruitful  life.   

Last Wednesday’s event wouldn’t happen without a great deal of effort and organisation. Many parishioners, through music,  (Joe Debatista, Mick and Sharon Walsh) Readers (Michael Scanlan, Russell Mort, Melissa de Barros, Elizabeth Phillips, Majella Ferguson & Steven Pengue), altar servers (Emma Eldridge, Theo Supeli, Samantha & Ethan Cantos) and photographers  (Janelle Caughley from JTC Photo  and Rick Karlsson) who have generously  contributed to the great spiritual outcome of the Wednesday celebration.  Many thanks  go  to Michelle Lynch  who  prepared  a delicious refreshment for Bishop Ken.  

Today,  I say a big thank you to all of them for making the Wednesday  celebration  a  prayerful  and  memorable  experience of faith for children, their parents, families and visitors.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ~Fr Jan



Following the  Sacramental Policy of Archdiocese of Brisbane the Sacrament of Confirmation is available to those children who are 8 years of age (Year 3) or older. (Children must be baptised Catholics).


If  you  require any further information in regarding this matter please contact Maria Blancia on 5510 2222 or email to


Photographs: All pictures will be available on USB for a contribution of $10 two weeks after the celebration.