In the Catholic Church, Marriage is a Sacrament of commitment that is most highly honoured and valued.  Those who come forward to participate in this Sacrament witness to those gathered of God’s immense love in the world, and the unbreakable bond God has with all people.

In the midst of this understanding, our Parish Community rejoices over the desire of couples to marry in the Catholic Church. The Southport Catholic Parish recommends that couples give AT LEAST SIX MONTHS notice of their intention to marry to the parish office.

This is to ensure that adequate preparation may be undertaken, including the necessary paperwork and planning needed. It also enables you to secure the date and time you wish for this celebration. Therefore we would suggest that the first step would be to book the Church and check on the availability of a celebrant on the required date before anything else is done.

Please contact the Parish Office on (07) 55 10 2222 to make this booking. An information sheet, explaining the necessary steps for marriage, a booking form and information on pre-marriage courses will then be posted out to you. In time the priest will contact you to arrange an appointment to meet and begin the required process.

The Southport Catholic Parish facilitates an approved Marriage Preparation Program for those who wish to marry in one of our churches.