Leeanne Human

Leeanne Human – Parish Manager

Leeanne works at managing and maintaining the varied resources of the Parish with a vision for the future.





Maria Blancia – Sacramental Coordinator

Maria coordinates the Sacramental Program and The Sunday Mass Children’s Liturgy of the Word within our Parish.






Daloras Howes – Parish Secretary

Ready to welcome you at the Parish Reception Office is Daloras Howes, whose happy disposition is born of many life experiences.  Daloras great passion is flower arranging in the parish.




Dannie Ashman – Maintenance Manager

Dannie keeps our Parish looking good by developing the gardens & grassed areas; including selection of appropriate trees & plants, preparation of garden beds, planting of trees & plants, establishment of grassed areas.  He maintains the gardens & grassed areas; including watering (if permissible), weeding & fertilisation of garden beds, pruning of trees and shrubs, fencing, mowing & snipping of grassed areas. This  ensures grounds are presented in a tidy and professional appearance.   He also undertaking minor repairs & routine maintenance of buildings & equipment.  Arranging & supervising contractors undertaking maintenance on site.  Development & implementation of a maintenance programme.